How would it feel to:

How would it feel to:

  • Feel less stressed out
  • Make healthy food choices
  • Love yourself again
  • Have and exude tons of confidence and charisma
  • Have the energy and endurance you used to have
  • Connect more fully and deeply with your partner
  • Be able to participate in sports again
  • Have the ability to focus & concentrate again
  • Own a renewed sense of healing
  • Desire to engage and socialize with friends
  • Suffer from less brain fog
  • Experience deeper sleep and wake up feeling refreshed
  • Be able to function and excel at school or work
  • Live life at your best level
  • …..being fully Brain Optimized for an awesome life!


We have designed a program to guide your Brain into the Perfect Form with the guidance and expertise of other doctors, experts and scientists.

Our BOP “Brain Optimization Program” has been designed to take you from feeling stuck in a “Brain Storm” to running your brain like a well oiled machine and in the “Perfect Form”.

FORM stands for Fuel, Oxygen, Reactivation + Mindset – these are the four cornerstones of our program and we use an integrative approach employing several  treatment techniques and healing modalities to guide  you back towards your optimal performance in all aspects of your life; family, friends, school, work and leisure pursuits.

We live in a society where our brains are on high alert and are  perceiving everything as stress

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Millennials are the first generation to be exposed to to screens throughout every stage of their life and development.

Long term health effects of using smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, computers and other digital devices could be erasing our short term memory , this insight comes from the latest research in Korea.

Adults are attached to their devices upwards of 7 hours a day and it’s estimated the average person checks their phone 150 times a day. It is estimated there are approximately 10 devices attached to the internet in every home.

The addiction to technology is causing short term memory pathways in our brain to deteriorate because of lack of use robbing children and adults of this ability. Your brains change and rewire when exposed to the amount of technology we are today.

When children start the pattern of cell phone use as small children, if not infants, their brains are beginning to rewire incorrectly. While sitting looking at technology the body’s physiology perceives that it is under stress. The head arches forward, the shoulders hunch forward, heartbeat increases, breathing increases, stress hormones are produced, shaking ensues. These are outward signs the body inside is under stress. Literally the body thinks it is under stress but it is not moving and not outwardly threatened.

This faulty stressed out neurological pattern is then ingrained over the next many years by a job  in front of a computer at a desk, in a cubical  35 hours a week for 35 years hunched over,lack of movement, body is  in a contracted position with gravity working against the body …you have an exhaustive system.

Layers of Trauma

Physical – falls, bumps, car accidents, workplace injuries, sporting accidents, repetitive strains and sprains, lifting, sitting,

Emotional –PTSD, high stress job, abusive relationship, family issues, fears, frustrations, finances, failures

Chemical –drugs, pills, alcohol, lifestyle habits, exposures to air, food, water toxins,

Technological –screen time, multiple devices, ipad, handheld, gaming system, constant notifications, constant connection

Our brains are programmed to deal with stress in certain maladaptive ways at a very young age. These stresses layer on one and other. Once the brain is exposed to a stressful event this faulty pattern is engrained. Our autonomic nervous system runs the show behind the scenes. It either senses we are in danger and under stress and reacts accordingly or, it reacts in a healing way.

The “fight or flight” part of our nervous system is called the sympathetic nervous system. The “rest and digest” part of our nervous system is called the parasympathetic nervous system. Just like a gas and brake in a car these two parts need to work together for the car to run optimally. Our body is like the car. The gas needs to be turned on at certain instances to help us get out of stress. We need to turn the gas on at certain times. We need to speed up when necessary. We need to be able to get into and out of stressful events. What happens in the treadmill of life that we are on with stressors coming at us 247 -is that the gas is turned on and stuck. When the gas is stuck body break down occurs at a rapid rate.

This results in a flood of stress hormones throughout the body at all times. When this happens the body reacts in shutting off digestive, reproductive and immune functions, thyroid,  adrenal, metabolism to just name a few. There is then chronic inflammation in the body.

These incorrect pathways are ingrained and re ingrained with every stress and everything becomes a big deal and elicits the same stress response. These patterns become the new normal set point and the default for the body.

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This program is for you if you have any of the brain based condition symptoms below:

Why does this matter?

This concept of repair and regenerate is  important to Dr. Laura after 14 years of seeing patients lives devastated from brain injury and brain based conditions in her chiropractic practice . For which patients have been to many other places with little success or fallen through the cracks. People need help, hope and their lives back.

This is important to Ashley as a young girl I watched my father suffer from a car accident in which he was left in a coma for several days after. At the time there was very little known about how such a devastating blow would affect his brain and his personality. The frontal lobe injury left him unable to connect emotionally with us as children and gave him the inability to make proper decisions. He ended up leaving us and making a series of bad decisions that affected our entire life.  He needed help and hope of which none was given.I I am passionate about providing help and support as I know first hand what its like for families and for the individual whose lives have been shifted because of a brain based challenge.

What you will get:

In order to serve you best we need to establish which area of the brain has been weakened or injured. We uncover the weakened area of the brain and cerebellum and test for overall stress level in the body through a comprehensive physiological assessment.

Our program offers a comprehensive unique approach based on fueling the brain with macro and micro nutrients, oxygen and breathing therapies,  nerve stimulation, balance retraining, CNS realignment, mindset and more.

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We are your guide back to health. We walk with you through the process of regaining what has been lost. Your time in the office is one- on- one and very individualized ensuring successful long term health strategies.

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What are people saying about our program

“I have my boy back”

“ I feel less stressed, more at ease and better equipped to deal with challenges when they come up”

“The breathing techniques help me deal with the stress of life, i really find this program tremendously beneficial at decreasing my overall stress level and optimizing my health”

“I feel more calm when i leave the office. My head is clear. I can think and deal with life better”

“The breathing therapy helps me connect within and that spills over into all i do”

“ I have had numerous concussion in my life. It is just now I am regaining my desire to interact with friends and do things i like to do again. It is day by day but i feel better equipped now”

Close you eyes and picture this

What would life be like to:

  • Feel less stressed out
  • Make healthy food choices
  • Love yourself again
  • Have and exude tons of confidence and charisma
  • Have the energy and endurance you used to have
  • Be able to participate in sports again
  • Focus concentration and clarity come back
  • Renewed sense of healing
  • Desire to engage with friends
  • Less brain fog
  • Sleep better
  • Be able to concentrate at school or work
  • Function at your best level
  • Just imagine…..


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